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The New Hampshire Central Railroad (NHCR) is a customer-oriented shortline railroad that has reliably and efficiently provided businesses in northern New England with quality rail and logistics services for almost 30 years. We are the designated operator of 56 miles of state-owned track in New Hampshire and Vermont, with interchanges at North Stratford and Groveton, New Hampshire. Our continued partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation has enabled our two lines to grow and contribute to the local economy by offering area businesses a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly transportation option for shipping, transloading, or storing a wide variety of products essential to daily life.

Customer service has been a key element of our railroad’s success. Our professional staff is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied. We are proud of being innovative and responsive when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs, willing to explore new capabilities and services that enhance our capabilities.


The New Hampshire Central would like to thank Chuck Killian, Fritz Gerhardt, and others for the photographs used throughout this site.


56 Miles of Track

2 Transloading Locations

Over 500 Car Storage Spots

5 Day/Week Service


Safety is of the utmost importance for any railroad. The New Hampshire Central has a comprehensive safety training program in place for its employees and the first responders and citizens of the communities in which it operates. We strive to make our railroad as safe as possible, working with state and federal entities to make sure we conform to all rules, guidelines, and best practices. Shippers who entrust their products to us for storage or forward inventory positioning can be secure in the knowledge that our employees are fully-versed in all proper handling and inspection procedures and will handle their shipment with care.


The New Hampshire Central runs over rails that date back to the 1800’s. For much of their history they were operated by the Boston & Maine and Maine Central railroads with multiple trains each day moving passengers, paper, lumber, furniture and more. As industries in the region steadily declined through the 1980s, the State of New Hampshire purchased the right-of-ways to prevent them from being abandoned. Today the New Hampshire Central is continuing the tradition of North County railroading that began almost two hundred years ago.